Investment Preference

1. The investment in Nhon Hoi Economic Zone

Projects to be implemented in Nhon Hoi Economic Zone will be applied preferential regimes for extremely difficult socio-economic zones according to the regulations of Vietnam law.

1.1. For large-scaled projects, but low payback invested in functional zones of Nhon Hoi Economic Zone, the investors will be transferred the land or leased the land within 70 years to implement the projects.

1.2. For the enterprise income taxation: The preferential tax with 10% during 15 years since the project puts into operation; free tax within 4 years since the taxable income and decreased by  50% the taxation within 9 following years. For large-scaled and high technology projects or new projects which need such special investment attraction, the preferential tax may be prolonged, but the total duration for 10% of taxation will not exceed 30 years under the regulations by the Government of Viet Nam.

1.3. Free tax for commodity import in order to create fixed assets of investment projects of preferential fields of import tax, including:

a)  Devices, machines;

b) Specialized means of transport of technological lines which can be manufactured in Viet Nam; means of transport for 24-seat-and-over vehicles and waterway vessels.

c) Accessories, items, removable parts, spare parts, contrivances, forms, accompanying accessories in order to assemble the whole set of device, machine, specialized means of transport as in the above-mentioned item a and item b.

d) Domestic materials and supplies which have been produced in Viet Nam are used to produce devices, machines of technological lines or to make accessories, items, removable parts, spare parts, contrivances, forms in order to assemble the whole set of device, machine as in the item a.

đ) Domestic construction supplies which have not been manufactured.

1.4. Free import rate with 5 years of production for materials, semi-products which Viet Nam has not been manufactured or manufactured but the products do not attain quality standards.

1.5. The province will decrease by 50% of personal income taxation for high income earners.

2. The investment in Industrial Zones (apart from Nhon Hoi Economic Zone)

2.1. For Nhon Hoa Industrial Zone: To reduce enterprise income taxation: free tax for 2 years since the date that the enterprise has taxable income and decreased by 50% the amount of taxation within the next 4 years.

2.2. Hoa Hoi Industrial Zone, Cat Trinh Industrial Zone and Binh Nghi Industrial Zone are located in extremely difficult socio-economic areas so that the projects in these industrial zones will be applied taxation preference policies as in Nhon Hoi Economic Zone.

3. Other Binh Dinh supportive policies

- To assist the investors to build industrial infrastructure and concentrated water treatment factory.

- To assist the enterprises to produce the furniture; organize trade promotion programs; exhibitions and fairs; recommend new brands; vocational training for workers (under the stages which need specific investment attraction)