Investment Condition

Those investors to register their projects in Nhon Hoi Economic Zone and Industrial Zones/Clusters need to meet the following requirements:

1. To ensure sufficient legal personality: The establishment decision or registration certificate for establishing the enterprise or other equivalent documents.
2. The project is not named in forbidden or restricted list of projects; the project does not badly affect the national security, culture and society, seriously environmental pollution under the provisions of Vietnam law.
3. Total investment capital of the project is not lower that the minimum rate under the provisions of Binh Dinh People’s Committee.

    3.1. For Nhon Hoi Economic Zone: The investment in Nhon Hoi Industrial Zones: 1.5 million USD/ ha; the investment in tourism areas: 0.5 million USD/ha.

    3.2. For other industrial Zones (not belonging to Nhon Hoi Economic Zone): 0.6 million USD/ha.

4. To have financial capacity to meet the demands of their projects.

    4.1. In case of investing in the functional zones of Nhon Hoi Economic Zone or infrastructure investors of Industrial Zones: Having their own capital to implement their projects, not less than 20% of total investment capital of the projects if the scale of land usage is below 20 ha; not less than 15% of total investment capital of projects if the scale of land usage is above 20 ha.

      -  To hand in the deposit to commit their investment according to the regulations:

Total investment capital

Deposit rate

- Below 500 billion VND

2.0% of total investment capital, but the maximum is not more than 7 billion VND.

- Over 500 billion VND

1.5% of total investment capital, but the maximum is not more than 30 billion VND.

     - In case of the project site is not cleared yet and the clearance and compensation rate is more than the deposit rate, the investors must continue to advance the capital in order for site clearance and compensation and these expenditures will be deducted by land lease and land usage.

    4.2. In case of re-leasing the land in Industrial Zones, the investor will hand in the land lease with the infrastructure under the contract with the infrastructure investors in industrial zones.