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For the habitants of Binh Dinh Province, Nui Ba (Lady’s Mountain) is the symbol of good faith and their pride during the resistance war against the American invaders. The complex has more than 60 mountain peaks rising above the tree tops of dense forests in the territory of Phu Cat District, south of the Dam Thuy Lagoon about 30km far from Quy Nhon.

Nui Ba has an imposing and mystical look as it contains several vestiges  each revealing a mystic story. Most attractive perhaps is the Hon Chuong or Chung Son (Bell Top), the highest mountain peak that seen from distance resembles a huge bell turned upside down. Another peculiar vestige is the Vong Phu (Expecting the Husband) Rock in Chanh Oai Hamlet.

This rock actually is a combination of two smaller rocks, resembling a woman holding the hand of her son. The taller rock is called “mother” and the other, “son”. Both “mother” and “son” are looking at the sea, expecting the return of their “husband and father” from his military expedition.

On the flank of the mountain, a pagoda was built in the 18th century. It is hidden amid the mountain rocks and caves beneath the forest canopy.   

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