21:15, 17/11/2015 (GMT+7)

The tourists traveling from Phu My Town to My Tho Commune will be attracted by the sight of a big red rock protruding toward the sea some 20m. At the center of the rock, there is a small cave constantly battered by sea waves.

Seen from distance, the scene suggests a dragon’s mouth throwing out dazzling white water, hence the name Vi Rong Cape (Dragon Fin Cape) is given to this rock.

According to the myth, the ancient Dragon Fin Cape is a block, shaped like fish fin, called “Dragon Fin stone” by the local. In Tang Dynasty, Cao Biển - a geographist specializing in finding land spirits to curse, came to find this Dragon Cope. Cao Biển put spells to cut this Dragon Cope in sensing the dork spirit from the cape.

When the cape was cut off, the dragon fins fell off and the dragon blood shed became small red rocks mixed into the sand below. These rocks are very hard, and give you red color when being rubbed in water. The color does not stick to your hand, therefore, it is mystified as ink given by God. In the past, students came here to take the rocks home to make ink for their teachers.

If you look close enough, you can still find these red rocks in the beach sand. When the sun comes down, the entire scenery of beach rocks as Bai Ban, Da Dung, and Vi Rong - Tan Phung Cape looks like a gigantic dragon flying towards the ocean.

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