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About 8km north-east away from Quy Nhon city, Thi Nai lagoon is the largest one of its kind in Binh Dinh which possess a rich ecosystem with rate wildlife animals and beautiful attractive landscapes. In calm winds and quite seas, visitors can ride a boat around the lagoon, visiting Con Chim (Bird hillock) – the “green lung” of the city of Qui Nhon.

The place is blessed with valuable natural resources and the rich biological hideout with diverse ecosystem typically of mangrove forest, including: 25 species in sea grass area; 64 species of phytoplankton and 76 species of fish; hundreds of species of birds, of which 23 species are of waterfowl and migratory birds while 10 species are of forest birds etc… In the lagoon, near the western bank is a small shrine set up by fishermen to worship the Sea God. This shrine is shaped as an ancient tower, called Thay Boi Tower, making the overall scenery to be more vivid and attractive. Here in this place, you can enjoy the dawns or mystical dreamy full moon nights inside the mangrove forest.

In the history, Thi Nai lagoon is a naval base of the Tay Son, where saw the fiercest naval battles between the Tay Son Rebellion with Nguyen Anh’s troops at the early of the nineteenth century.

To the east of Thi Nai lagoon is Phuong Mai Peninsula, which stands as a giant wall guarding the sea side of Quy Nhon. The peninsula has a rock mountain system and giant sand dunes, expanding 15km towards the sea. North of the peninsula are the beautiful beaches stretching dozens of kilometers coastline. As seen from afar, Phuong Mai peninsula resembles a dragon head whose body stretches to the far north of De Gi. In the south end of the peninsula is a sharp dangerous rock mountains where swallow birds come build their nests, extremely nutritious gifts given to the people.

Blending in the natural beauty of Thi Nai lagoon, Phuong Mai Peninsula, is the bridges of Quy Nhon - Nhon Hoi with a total length of over 7 km, including 5 short bridges and Thi Nai Bridge. Of these bridges, Thi Nai Bridge stands out as the longest cross-sea bridge of Vietnam of 2.477,3 meters long with 54 spans connecting Quy Nhon city and Nhon Hoi economic zone. This bridge is not only the pride local people, but also an attractive destination to tourists.

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