21:11, 17/11/2015 (GMT+7)

Lying 6km away from Quy Nhon, Kho Island (Dry Island) is a giant shield protecting Nhon Hai fishing village. The island is called Kho or Dry as there is nothing there but dangerous dry cliffs striving towards the sea.

On this island, the sea breeze jokingly shoves into the cliffs in all four seasons while white waves excitingly carve into the nearby cliffs, creating cliffs of all shapes. Dry island is also well known to adventure lovers.

It forces adventurers to gasp for air from this steep edge to the others, then grants them the great peaceful and powerful feeling when reaching the top. From this top, people can capture a panoramic view of entire Quy Nhon city.

Beaches at Dry Island still manages to keep its pristine beauty. Not only do they own blue crystal waters, but they are also hugged by colorful coral reefs. Snorkerling is a tourist specialty of Dry Island.

In addition, visitors can enjoy delicious fresh seafood prepared by local people served with spicy bold-fiavored Bau Đa wine, leaving you an unforgettable impression about the great culture of Binh Dinh.

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