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The location is in Tay Phu Commune, Tay Son District, 55km northwest of Quy Nhon. Ham Ho is a section of Kon river of nearly 3km long hidden in the mysterious wild which looks like giant bonsai in nature.

To explore further, visitors have two options: traveling by road or waterway. If you stick with the road, you can leisurely ride on horseback through the streets leaning toward the river on one side and mountain on the other side. If you take the waterways, it will take you more than half a kilometer floating on a small river branch before entering Ham Ho.

Ham Ho is famous for its large quantity of fish, especially in the flood season where schools of fish come crowding the water. The fish swimming upstream look like flying when being pushed back by the strong water streams. The folk has it that every year, Sea God organizes a competition for schools of fish in Ham Ho where the ones who can overcome the strong tides can become dragons. This is why the waterfall of Ham Ho is also called Vu Mon (the entrance), or the waterfall of flying fish. Riverbeds are full of marble pillars of various shapes and colorful sparkling just like thousands of dazzling diamonds under the dear blue water.

The further you go the more majestic the landscape is: the mountains are covered by layers of forests and white clouds drifting across the ledge of diverse designs, while the water is silently crossing the bending terrains. It would be challenging for tourists standing on the tottery ledges and looking down where the streams are falling and folding the nearby terrains creating waterfalls of different sizes. These places are addressed by the local as the promontories of Đa Thanh - a steep cliff standing straight up like a wall, covered with green moss and roots, Trao, Vo Ruou, Big foot, Ban Co Tien (Fairy chessmat), Ong Tao, Ca Bay Waterfall (flying fish waterfall), Sanh - Tu Doors, Sac Gully, Suong Mu Cape (Fog Cape), Ba Rock, Da Chay (Burning Rock) etc.

Ham Ho is also historical place where seen the uprisings of Tay Son Rebellion and the armies of Mai Xuan Thuong.

Ham Ho is a vivid picture of nature and magic, an ideal place for tourists to drown into world of blue sky, green mountains, green spring, and green trees.

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