The delegation of Izumisano city, Japan received by the leaders of the province

22:03, 23/04/2020 (GMT+7)

On the morning of 13th February, at the office of the Provincial People’s Committee, the delegation of Izumisano city led by Mr. Matsushita Yoshihiko - Deputy Mayor of Izumisano city had the meeting with the Provincial People’s Committee leaders on the implementation of the cooperation agreement. The meeting was chaired by Mr. Tran Chau - Vice Chairman of the Provincial People’s Committee and attended by the leaders of the relevant departments: Planning and Investment; Agriculture and Rural Development; Health; Labour - War Invalids and Social Affairs; Education and Training; Foreign Affairs, Quy Nhon University and the local media.

At the meeting, Vice Chairman of the Provincial People’s Committee Tran Chau gave a brief presentation on Binh Dinh province as well as the fields oriented to development such as transportation, economy, trade, agriculture, industry, services, education,...especially the project “Developing the area of artificial intelligence”. On the basis of the signed cooperation agreement, Mr. Tran Chau committed himself to facilitate as much as possible.

The leaders of both sides exchanged the plan of cooperation activities in the coming time; introduced the staff to be dispatched to Binh Dinh in April 2020; discussed the exchanges of secondary schools pupils in Binh Dinh, expected in July 2020.

On behalf of the delegation, Mr. Matsushita Yoshihiko - Deputy Mayor of Izumisano city introduced the potential strengths and difficulties of the city. Because of the similarities, Mr. Matsushita supported the cooperation areas and thanked Binh Dinh province for the assistance, especially the dispatch of staff and pupil exchanges.
The representatives of the departments, agencies also specified the cooperative programs and the plans of cooperation in the coming time and hoped that the cooperation of the two parties would further develop./.

Author: Nguyễn Lê Na

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